¡¡Located at the shore of Taihu Lake with beautiful scenery£¬Jiangyin Tongli Machinery Factory is in the north area of Wuxi and at the mouth of Huangtang road of Wuxi-Jiangyi Express. It is 130 km from Shanghai,150 km from NanJing£¬30km from Jiangyin Port and Zhangjiagang Port. The traffic is very convenient.

¡¡The factory focus on technical improvement and modern high tech. Now the factory is striving to develop and update slubby yarn device and urethane elastic fiber core-spun yarn device. This kind of technology has become a main content Of new product development for textile industry. It has been successfully matched and reformed in some large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and private-Owned enterprises. Slubby yarn device and urethane elastic fiber core-spun yarn device have been successfully developed, and they have been used in such factories as No. 1 Cotton Factory of Dezhou£¬Haitian Factory of Weifang, Jiada Factory of Fujian, 3542 Factory of Hubei Province. The plant has come into long term agreement with national textile machinery professional factories for matches and reformation of aluminium fine yarn creel and various kinds of roving bobbin£®Meanwhile£¬It processes and manufactures various non-standard mechanical products.

¡¡The product contains much high-tech£¬processing is precise and the structure is concise and practical. The cost of mass production is low and the delivery is quick. The factory carries out the quality guideline of "Quality today, market tomorrow£¬your need£¬our duty" and operating concept of "customer-oriented,market leading and technical innovation-priority" cooperate with friends from various field with "the first product, first quality and first after-sale service" and make great contribution for the development of textile industry.
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